Getting started with your home

1. Free intake

We coordinate with you to understand your desires, plans and ideas for the natural gas-free home and check if our offer aligns with them. Our offer is: transitioning away from natural gas all at once. Everything is taken care of, from advice to execution.

2. Tailored advice: The Climate Plan

Our technical advisor will examine the technical possibilities of your home to transition away from natural gas all at once. You will receive a Climate Plan that provides detailed information on how this can be achieved, the investments and returns involved, and the available subsidies and financing options. Not to mention the estimated monthly costs. This way, making your home natural gas-free becomes achievable. The estimated investment is close to the final price, as we base it on the prices of the  executing parties we work with. So, you won’t encounter any surprises when you receive the quotation.

3. Quotation

If you agree with the Climate Plan, we engage our contractors. They will come to your home to take measurements: what structural adjustments are necessary and what are the exact dimensions of the new installations. We will put this together in the final quotation.

4. Getting started

Once you have accepted the quotation, our local contractors will get to work. You don’t have to look for companies to do this for you. Our partners provide everything: from structural adjustments to insulation and the new installations in the house. This way, they create an Efficient, Comfortable, Healthy, and Natural Gas-Free home for you.

Get informed without obligation

Getting started with your home? We are happy to help you. Make an appointment for a personal consultation specifically for your home. If you have a question, please complete the contact form below.

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